Partwell Special Die Making Steel Rules

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Perforating steel

Partwell Special Die Making Steel Rules

Partwell aim to provide our die makers with a comprehensive range of steel rules for die making. We would like to take this opportunity to remind you of the wide range of stock items available from Partwell and Bohler.

Partwell Perforating Rules

Partwell standard perf steel rules and Micro-Perf steels are available in a large range of thickness and tooth/gap combinations, we stock lengths and coils of perf rule. Our high quality perforating steel can also be supplied as perforating wheels and micro-perf wheels.

Partwell Combination Cut-Crease Rules

Partwell’s cut-crease steel is available in flat creasing part as standard and also a special rounded creasing part to order.  Cut-crease rule spares diemakers the time consuming task of alternatively inserting individual pieces.

Bohler Stripping Rule

Stripping rules are the optimum solution for every stripping problem, due to the many different styles which can be produced.

Bohler stripping rule is available with as flat top (FT), flat and waved, centre bevel (CF) with teeth and centre bevel (CF) with teeth and waves.

Bohler Glue Flap Rules

Bohler glue flap steel rule is for roughening up the glue flaps on cardboard boxes to achieve a firm grip surface for the adhesive.

Other special rules include:

  • Bohler Wave Edge Steel Rules
  • Bohler Deckle Edge Steel Rules
  • Bohler Zipper Edge Steel Rules
  • Bohler Spacing Rules

Call us on 01254 671875 to order or discuss your requirements. Partwell Group are always increasing stock levels of our cutting rules, creasing rules and specials, we would be happy to schedule your special needs in to our production runs to make your ordering easier.


13th January 2012, 18:09