Plastics Working Temperature Reference Guide

Acrylic Plastic Sheets

Partwell Plastics Working Temperature Reference Guide

Partwell Group are a Lancashire based sheet plastic stockist, most sheet plastic materials are available ex. stock. Partwell also have a CNC engineering department that produces bespoke plastic parts and plastic components.

Below is a brief overview of operating temperatures for different plastic grades.

HDPE                     High Density Polyethylene                                  -40          +80

PVC                       Polyvi­nylc­hloride                                                 -20          +50

PMMA                    Acrylic                                                                 -40          +50

ABS                       Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene                           -35          +70

UHMW PE             Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene          -200        +80

POM                      Acetal Homopolymer                                           -40          +95

PP                          Polypropylene                                                     0             +100

PC                         Polycarbonate                                                     -40          +115

PTFE                     Polyt­et­raf­lu­oro­et­hylene                                       -200        +240

PEEK                     Poly­et­he­ret­her­ketone                                         -100        +250

NYLON 6               Cast Nylon                                                          -30          +100

NYLON 66             Extruded Nylon                                                   -30          +95

NYLON 6               Extruded Nylon                                                   -40          +80


All sheet plastics can be supplied in full sheets, cut down to size or engineered into plastic components. Partwell Group have a range of machines including state of the art 5-axis CNC machine, 3-axis CNC machine, lathe, fabricating and die press cutting machines and more.

The above is for quick reference guide only, for further information and full technical datasheets visit www.­partwell.­com or call Partwell on 01254 671875.

7th January 2012, 17:31