Metal to plastic applications


Partwell recently worked with one client to convert a steel part to plastic. A leader in supplying parts for the Medical and Pharmaceutical industry, our client required a Jig Filler Finger converting from steel to plastic.

As Plastic Engineers, the team at Partwell have a vast knowledge of plastic and they worked with the client to find the perfect replacement.

Although the conversion of metal to plastic has been taking place for nearly 70 years, not all manufacturers take advantage of the benefits that plastic can bring.

What are the benefits of converting metal to plastic?

Automotive manufacturers have been using Plastic for years as a way to reduce weight, improve  strength and decrease corrosion. But this is the just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the advantages of converting.

The variety in plastic material means that designers have more options when thinking about the design of the parts for their product. Not only do they benefit from a variety of material but also from the properties each material has to offer.


  • Reduced part weight
  • Colour coding to reduce the risk of errors
  • Repeatable processing resulting in a reduction in waste
  • Lower manufacturing costs
  • Design freedom and flexibility
  • Increased performance and lifetime of product

What did we choose for our client?

Poly­et­he­ret­her­ketone also known as PEEK, is a high performance plastic that provides design versatility and mechanical properties that would meet the clients requirements.

Why chose PEEK instead of steel?

Aside from the reduction in weight, which with PEEK can be upto as much as 70%, the benefits of choosing PEEK include an enhanced performance of the part, a lower cost and greater design flexibility.

With PEEK, carbon or glass fibres are added to the compound resulting in a superior strength to weight ratio.

The Result

Our client is now happily working with plastic parts and are impressed with the reduction in the cost of the parts superior performance of the material.

If you want to see if your metal parts can be converted to plastic, contact the team at Partwell to find out how we can help.

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20th July 2017, 12:36