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Photo Cimandis Station
Cimandis Station

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A recent customer of Partwell’s, a fish processing plant, required a hygienic solution for filleting and flushing.

After sitting down with his Head Fishmonger, Peter Preston-Yates of Cimandis, took the decision to change the plastic blocks that they used for fish filleting.

Although they provided a hygienic solution, they did not fulfil all of the fishmongers’ requirements. Whilst descaling fish, they found that the fish would slip and move. They were unable to wash or flush the fish at the current station.

As such, Peter drew up an idea of what he wanted. When trying to locate a supplier, he could not locate a product that provided him with his required specifications. He decided to get in touch with Matthew Woodhouse at Partwell.

Peter had dealt with Matthew on a number of occasions and previously found that a solution would always be provided.

Cimandis required a fileting station which was appropriate for use by up to four people at any one time.  An essential element of the station was the tank and wastage system. This would help improve efficiency and reduce time between filleting and washing.

Matthew got to work and contacted our fabricator with the design. With this being a bespoke station, he made Peter aware that fabrication would take a little longer than normal. In this case it was fabricated and delivered within 4 weeks.

The new station, has improved fish processing for fishmongers. Speaking with Peter, he has said that he is delighted with the station. The colour coded boards are in line with the FSA, but most importantly, Peter states that he has been able to provide a better product himself.

When we asked Peter whether he would recommend Partwell, he responded “Pricing is always fair and realistic. They always provide material options, and the benefits of those materials.” In particular, Peter was and always is impressed with the level of service that he receives from Partwell, giving 10/10 for both product and service

For Meat and Fish processing solutions, please contact Matthew Woodhouse; matthew@partwell.com 01254 295703.

18th April 2018, 11:26