The LineA is the newest generation of high-end benders, it can process steel rule in the range of 10mm – 32mm high in a thickness of 1.5pt,2pt, 3pt & 4pt. The LineA uses a new locking device which ensures the steel rule cannot move during the bending process offering tighter bending and improved accuracy. It is also equipped with a completely redesigned in-line broaching unit. Offering multiple broaching tools on both sides of the rule, meaning different shapes of broaching are now possible.

  • Straight cut / miter-lip
  • Bridges
  • Perforating rule with compressed air waste removal
  • Cut/crease rule with compressed air waste removal.
  • Broaching with multiple broaching tools and adjustable broaching depth
  • 6 wheels hyper fast nick grinding
  • Bending with bending sleeve technology, 33% faster than before
  • Super strong new locking device in the bending area, providing improved accuracy, dramatically increased speed and steel rule planarity.
  • Scribing

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