Machined Plastics from Partwell help Food Processing

Partwell Group

One of our food processing clients contacted the Partwell plastic engineering department looking for a plastic engineered solution for their food mixing application.

Customer Problem

The client was using a metal food mixing paddle in a large plastic barrel to mix liquid foodstuffs; not only was the metal paddle scratching the barrel and conducting heat, it was had a weak spot prone to snapping as it was a two piece assembly.

Partwell Group Hygienic Plastic Solution

We offered a plastic paddle solution, this was manufactured from high molecular weight polyethylene PE as a one-piece paddle, therefore no assembly was needed and there would be no dirt traps. A polyethylene version is none stick and very easy to clean, it is also fully approved for contact with food by the FDA.

Unlike the metal component, the plastic paddle would not scratch or damage the container it was used in. The edges of the polyethylene paddle were machined so that they had a chamfered finish. High molecular weight polyethylene is a high wear resisting plastic, which offered the client greater longevity than the metal version.

The initial machined plastic paddle was produced from a bright blue material, the client later went on to order the same product in various colours for a colour coding identification system of different foodstuffs.

Bespoke Plastic Machining Options

Partwell CNC engineer bespoke plastic components according to customer requirements; any size can be catered for, with or without any number of holes, straight or chamfered edge finished etc. The paddle in the featured image was made to suit and touched the bottom of an 1800mm high barrel.

For a quotation on any bespoke machined plastic parts please contact the CNC plastic engineering department directly on 01254 295707 or email your CAD drawings (.dwg and .dxf are preferred) to cnc@­partwell.­com.

15th January 2014, 8:40