Machined Plastics for OEM Parts


Partwell Group can machine plastics to any bespoke customer requirements, specially cut plastics are often ordered by clients to replace OEM parts (original equipment manufacturer) that are discontinued.

The rollers featured in the attached image are for a leather slitting machine and have been machined on our CNC lathe from nylon rod material.  They were manufactured for a client that was operating a slitting machine with a requirement for spares but the machine manufacturer no longer existed, therefore replacement OEM parts were extremely difficult to source.

Nylon vs. Stainless Steel

The original machined part was manufactured from stainless steel, replacing this with a machined plastic roller allowed the client to continue use with the older machine and also provided additional benefits.

The roller component makes direct contact with the slitting knives on the machine, the nylon material is much kinder to these knives and will keep them sharp for longer.  Nylon has high strength, this quality makes it ideal for wearing machine parts such as wear or friction pads, pulleys and rollers.

The nylon machined plastic component was also more economical than having a stainless steel version machined to order.

Nylon to metal touch points also created noise reduction compared to the steel roller touching the steel knives.

Machining Capabilities

This component was turned on the CNC lathe machine from Nylon rod, Partwell Group in Blackburn have a range of technology to cater for all 2D and 3D machined plastics.

  • 3-Axis CNC routers economically convert plastic sheet to 2D components
  • State of the art 5-axis CNC routers for 3D parts
  • Water jet cutting facilities for maximum nesting

For a quotation on any of our products and services please contact the Machined Plastics department direct:

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Check out the plastic parts section of our online product catalogue to view further examples of machined plastics.

5th January 2014, 13:17