Machined Plastic Parts Solution save £££

Machined Plastic Cake Trays
Machined Plastic Trays

Machined Plastic Parts Solution save our Client £££

Customer Problem

Local Lancashire business had a problem within their food processing plant’s cake filling process.

The cake trays were not aligning with the nozzles on the processing machines depositor nozzles; therefore causing excessive waste in production time and ingredients.

The Solution

Partwell engineers worked closely with the customer to create a range of bespoke plastic tray holders which were directly fitted to the machine. This resolved the client’s most pressing problem and improved overall efficiency of the production line. Waste product was dramatically reduced, man hours saved in carrying out machine adjustments and machine downtime minimized.

Testimonial - Bright Blue Foods Lancashire

“Working with a Partwell is great, I give them a problem and they come back with a solution. They always consider my budget and they are exceptionally responsive, which is extremely important when I have a food processing machine down” Bright Blue Foods, Lancashire.

The Material

The machined plastic parts were produced from polyethylene PE500 grade material. This material is very easy to CNC machine into bespoke plastic parts and is Food and Drug Association (FDA) approved for direct contact with food stuffs.

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11th September 2014, 9:23