Machined Plastic Gears for Food Mixing Machine


A current client of the Partwell Group had a requirement to replace several original equipment manufacturer plastic gears. With the original OEM parts, the client was experiencing what they would describe as premature wear, which led to the client considering the plastic material quality. Partwell Group CNC machined various replacement gear wheels in acetal POM and nylon material.

The black acetal gears were supplied for an area of the client’s food mixing machine that demanded excellent dimensional stability of the mechanical component, a feature that Acetal plastic offers without problem. Acetal has a higher cost value than nylon, there are other areas of the client’s machine that required dimensional stability but to a lesser extent therefore the blue machined wheels were produced from Nylon. The nylon conveyor gears offered the client an extra benefit of good performance on impact loads.

Partwell CNC machine bespoke plastic components such as sprockets, gears and wheels according to customer requirements. As a plastic sheet stockist, production lead times are kept to a minimum as the sheet material is in our warehouse ready to be machined. Our industrial plastics division is run by engineers, the gears in the attached image have been designed, CAD drawn, quoted and machined by the same engineer that made the original customer site visit.

Partwell have seen an increase in sales from clients looking for a local engineering company such as Partwell to produce a small number of replacement OEM parts, as we can machine with no minimum purchase order quantity and offer bespoke modifications such as changes to material.

Plastic gears, wheels, sprockets and conveyor change parts can be CNC engineered for a range of applications including conveyor lines and rollers for the beverage, bottling and canning industry, food processing machinery, packaging machinery and more.

For a quotation on any CNC machined three dimensional plastic component please contact our engineers directly on 01254 295707 or email your drawings to cnc@­partwell.­com.

19th January 2014, 14:30