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Kerf Cutters

Kerf Cutters

Kerf Cutter Narrow

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Partwell Group’s quality Kerf Cutters are manufactured from solid submicrograin carbide material. Kerf Cutters are suitable for cutting Kerf slots in steel rule die boards and also cleaning up the cutter for fine inlay pocket finishing.

Benefits of Partwell Kerf Cutters

  • 5 flute geometry which will ensure long life.
  • Low deflection tools even at high feed rates.
  • The cutting edge geometry removes any tearing and pulling, for a smooth and precise edge finish.
  • Variable curved design provides more efficient chip extraction and minimises top surface fuzz and splintering.
  • The fish tail point of our Kerf Cutters eliminates backside breakout and splintering of the plywood.


Operating RPM – 20,000 to 100,000

5 flute geometry

Deflection compensation – 0.002 – 0.004 inch typically

Depth of cut:     9mm bit – 0.380 inches

                    11.7mm bit - 0.460 inches

Type of Kerf Cutter and steel rule thickness

                 2pt rule      3pt rule                 

Narrow       0.70mm     1.05mm

Normal       0.71mm     1.07mm

Loose         0.72mm     1.09mm

Product Options

Shank Size :    2pt x 1/8" shank

                        3pt x 1/8" shank

Type:               Narrow



Geometry:       Standard

                        Close Kerf

                        Low Deflection

Partwell's Close Kerf tool has been designed to allow rule placement on 0.100" centers while cutting at 95 to 110 IPM. They have a tip deflection of less than 0.004"

Partwell's Low Deflection tool is optimised to cut at 90 - 110 IPM with less than 0.004" tip deflection.


Partwell Group’s Kerf Cutters are supplied in packs of 10 and are priced per pack.

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