Introducing CartoStrip Compact from Partwell


Low Cost Investment

The Cartostrip Compact is a welcome addition to our range of products as Partwell strive to be the ultimate One Stop Shop for the die making, die cutting & carton converting industry.

In the past, our customers have struggled to find a safe and easy to use carton waste stripping machine that also provides a speedy and clean stripping function; now Partwell Group are proud to offer this machine of great design that does just that.

What is the CartoStrip Compact Machine?

A handheld pneumatic machine that removes waste from die cut sheets - stripping time can be reduced by up to 85%!

Excellent Longevity & Unrivalled Safety Features

The machine is robust, with a heavy duty motor and a more powerful drive than previous versions of the machine.The drive chain on the CartoStrip™ should last a minimum of 6 months.

No other machine available in the UK is a two handed operation, making it easier and safer for the handler.  There are no exposed pneumatics for risk of snags and the use of the machine alone compared to a manual  stripping method could reduce the risk of repetitive strain injury.

Partwell Group provide a vast range of products for the die making, die cutting and carton converting industries; we feel this product perfectly compliments our current range which includes creasing matrix, pertinax counter materials, make ready material, and print finishing supplies. Contact the Sales Team on 01254 671875 (option 1) or email directly to us at info@­partwell.­com.

28th January 2014, 8:08