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There is nothing like a crisis that drives people to think out of the box and innovate. We have a number of customers doing just that. This week, we received an order for creating transparent, barrier screens in the work place to assist in social distancing and reduce the risk of contamination between employees, where space might ordinarily be an issue. This is just one of a number ideas coming through in the effort to battle the spread of COVID-19.

The screens are made from Polycarbonate and not only are they clear, relatively light weight, but are unbreakable. An advantage over glass. There was little machining in this particular order, but the screens we made for a local bus company to protect drivers, required forming into shape (mouldable) as well as perimeter cutting to fit perfectly in place. This idea is spreading across the country since the PM’s announcement.

Currently we are looking to supply another product to a new emerging temporary hospital being set up. Again, we are reviewing designs from a company in medical supply to cut and machine plastic mobility boards to assist in the movement of patients.

With Coronavirus being at the forefront of everyone’s minds during this global epidemic, the innovation of new designs to help tackle the spread is key. Our admiration goes out to all those at the front line and those supporting the National effort.

If you have an idea under development and need help, contact our engineers. cnc@partwell.com or 01254 295707

26th March 2020, 15:11