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How to Take Care of your Press Cutting Pad

Planing / Re-Surfacing Press Board Service

Taking care of your press cutting board by following these 7 easy steps

1.      Always store your board horizontally to avoid bending

2.      Turn the board daily (at least)

3.      As much as possible use the entire cutting area, from edges to centre

4.      Precisely adjust your cutting knives

5.      Use good quality knives, ideally using Bohler, Austria quality steel

6.      Have your board re-surfaced/­planed regularly

Cutting Pad Re-Surfacing Service

Send your used polypropylene press cutting pads/boards in to Partwell and we will run them through the planing machine, skimming away a small amount of the plastic surface to leave you with a smooth surface finish. This will maintain optimum press cutting performance and help you obtain the maximum service life from your original board.

We supply replacement polypropylene press cutting pads in both 25mm and 50mm thickness, all of which can be resurfaced down to just 11mm. You can see the results on the featured image.

Instruction Magnet

Need to remind other people on your site how to take care of your press cutting pads?

Contact Partwell Group and we will send you a magnetic instruction leaflet to attchach to your press machines.

Contact the Sales Team for Quotation

Prices are based on the size of your board, contact us with the length and width for a no obligation quotation.  Then send your cutting pad into us and we will machine and despatch to you in less than 72 hours.

Telephone: 01254 671875 (option 1 for sales)

Email: info@partwell.com


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