How to Maintain Press Cutting Pads

Press Cutting Pads Partwell

Partwell Group is a specialist supplier of high-quality press cutting boards and pads designed to suit any die press cutting application. Rigorous testing has repeatedly proven the remarkable properties and qualities of these boards, ensuring the most problem-free cutting experience even with complex and/or particularly tough materials.

Cutting pads help to maximise tool life and deliver clean cutting. To get the best performance from our cutting boards, it's important to look after them correctly and here we offer seven top tips to help you do just that.

1.    Any warp in a press cutting board will impair performance so, to avoid this, always store the board horizontally when not in use

2.    To prevent warping through stress relief, turn the board at least once a day.

3.    The entire cutting area, all the way from centre to outside edges, should be used as much as is practically possible

4.    Make sure that your cutting knives are kept sharp and stored from damage

5.    Use only knives with quality die steel: we recommend steel from industry-leading Austrian brand Bohler

6.    At regular intervals, have the board resurfaced/­planed. Partwell offer a resurfacing service: the cutting pads are run through a planing machine in which the top layer of plastic is skimmed away, resulting in a smooth surface finish that will deliver optimum press cutting performance.

To make organising board service consistent and easy, keep our details at the machine. Partwell Group can supply you with a magnetic instruction leaflet that can be directly attached to press machines, reminding others to take care of the press cutting pad.

Our pricing structure for press cutting boards is based on the size required. For a quick, competitive quote with no obligation, simply get in touch with the Partwell Group sales team on 01254 671875, email or chat live with us on the website.

26th July 2019, 8:29