How to Choose the Right Food Board

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High density polyethylene HDPE plastic

Partwell Group undestand that there are many factors involved in choosing the right plastic food chopping board.

Typical Questions

  • Do you need a material that will be kind to your knives? Essential for chefs.
  • Do you require a rough surface finish? A more grainy surface finish to the food board will offer none slip properties, which can be a necessity in fish filleting applications.
  • Is a perfectly even and consistent surface important?
  • What is your budget? Some boards are so economical they are almost disposable.
  • Is durability an important factor?
  • Will you be using a dishwasher to clean the boards?
  • Do you need a colour coding system to prevent cross contamination?
  • Do you need a material that is naturally hygienic and does not harbour bacteria?
  • Do you need a bespoke size – to suit a production plant or butchers stand maybe?

Hygienic Plastics for all Requirements

Partwell have a range of different material grades for food chopping boards, all of which offer something a little different.

  • Polypads (High weight polyethylene)
  • Apex (unique & exclusive rubber compound)
  • Polyurethane
  • Econocut (low density polyethylene)
Features PolyPads Apex Polyurethane Econocut
Kind to chef knives X X    
Non-slip surface   X X  
Perfectly even surface X      
Highly economical       X
Durable X X X  
Dishwasher safe X      
6 colours available X     X
Does not harbour bacters X X    
Bespoke service X X    


Partwell Group are an industrial plastics stockist, maintaining stocks of standard size food chopping boards available off the shelf and also plastic sheet for bespoke supply.

Partwell also have a CNC machining workshop and can tailor make plastic boards, here are a few examples:

  • Gravy grooves
  • Colour coding systems with inserts
  • Printable plastics
  • Slots for knife holders
  • Food board combined sink draining board cover for barges and caravans

Contact the Sales Team

Standard food boards can be ordered online or contact the sales team for a quotation via:

Telephone: 01254 671875 (option 1)

Email: info@­partwell.­com


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