How does Water Jet Cutting Work?

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Water jet cutting is a modern cutting method, it is not commonly understood how water can be a very powerful cutting force.

The nozzle on our water jet cutting machine distributes a high pressure focused stream of water, it is precisely aimed to cut the material on the cutting bed.  It is CNC controlled and has a high cutting tolerance of +/- 0.1mm, therefore the cutting of intricately detailed parts is easy.  A few example parts are on the images above.

Abrasive Water Jetting – Ideal for Harder Materials

Water jet cutting suit a range of material types, if the production run is of harder or thicker materials, abrasives are added to the water to facilitate the cutting process and ensure a high quality edge finish.

Abrasive make the water jet cutting metals such as steel, aluminium, titanium  problem free.

Pure Water Jet Cutting – Ideal for Delicate Materials

For easier to cut thinner, softer and more delicate materials such as foams, felts and gasket work we would use pure water to prevent any damage to the finished parts. Intricate cutting is still easily achievable with pure water.

Twin Head Cutting – Large Production Speeds

Partwell have the ability to cut with two heads simultaneously, this will cut twice the volume of finished components within the same production run cycle.

Machine Speeds – Choice of Edge Finishes

The running speed of a water jet cutting machine affects the edge quality of the finished component therefore varying finished edge qualities are achievable.  Technical engineers adjust the cutting speed of the machine to ensure the finish is to the standard required. This   lets the client decide how much secondary machining will be required.  Higher water jet stream speeds facilitate completely smooth and burr free edges, eliminating the need for secondary machining.

Unsure if Water Jet is the right Cutting Method?

Partwell have a range of CNC engineering machines, including routers and lathes, therefore if water jet cutting is not the ideal machining function for your needs, we may still be able to assist.

To discuss your finished component requirement please feel free to contact the CNC engineering department directly on:

Telephone 01254 295707


16th December 2013, 9:54