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Helmold Rule Cutter

Helmold Rule Cutter

rule cutter

Part number: DM0569


This powerful, high performance classic Helmold Rule Cutting machine is designed to accurately cut steel rule lengths.  The standard Helmold Rule Cutter suits 1 1/2" rule, a rigid constructed that will cut 6 pt tempered rule.

Equipped with front and rear gauges graduated by sixteenths, the front short gauge allows a cut of 6” and the long back gauge permits cuts up to 24”.

The cutting knives on this machine can be removed for re-sharpening, as with all rule cutters it is essential to maintain sharp knives.

Partwell offer a full machine tool service which includes re-sharpening of blades, replacement tools and spare parts for the Helmold Cutter.

The Helmold Rule Cutter is also available to suit 2 1/8” or 2 7/8” rule, please contact us for a quotation. 


Partwell are a UK distributor of Helmold machinery and consumables. The above price(s) for this product are based on current exchange rates and may be subject to change.

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