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Helmold E-Z Rule Bender

Helmold E-Z Rule Bender


Part number: DM0561


Helmold are pleased to introduce the new Helmold E-Z Bender, as part of the E-Z range.  This bending machine is easy to use and powerful, engineered with the new E-Z line of tools that have a patent-pending toggle-joint mechanism in the handle.  This delivers the same results as your traditional tools but requires only one-fourth the elbow grease.

The unique toggle design gives far greater working force for your effort, and the E-Z handles have ergonomic, variable hand positioning that accommodates any working height and angle the user will find comfortable and convenient.

The vise-action die holders and locking dovetail back post are a standard with this machine. The vise-action die holders allow tightening of loose-fitting dies for precise alignment of new or worn bending dies. An Allen wrench is used to close the jaws.

The locking dovetail back post is designed to deliver consistent bending, even after years of use.

The Helmold E-Z Bender has a standard 1 ¼” high post that can accommodate optional mandrel sets designed for thicker rule. The front die holder is recessed, keyed and bolted to eliminate springing and turning; and the rear die holder slides out to hold any required mandrel.

Suitable for 3, 4 & 6pt rule.

In order to use mandrels with this machine, a mandrel adapter and dovetail extension are needed. If the mandrels are less than 5/8” diameter, a rear support post and link will also be required.  Partwell can quote for all spare parts for this machine.

The machine is also available with 1 ½” or 2” high posts, please contact us for a quotation.


Partwell are a UK distributor of Helmold machinery and consumables. The above price(s) for this product are based on current exchange rates and may be subject to change.

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