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Hand Cutting Pad - Soft Green

Hand Cutting Pad - Soft Green

Soft Green Hand Cutting Board


An exclusive product to Partwell, our Soft Green cutting pad is a soft PVC board manufactured especially for the hand cutting industry.  It is a soft, gummy cutting pad that gives minimum resistance to a moving blade across its surface to allow accurate cutting and minimize blade damage.  Elastic and self-healing properties provide the economical advantage of a very durable cutting surface.   

It is recommended that fine abrasive paper is used across its surface once a week to close any large or deep cuts.  Soft Green is available as extruded material only. 

Use: Soft Green cutting pad is specifically designed for use in the hand cutting industries and is highly recommended for the hand cutting of leather.  It can also be used for hand cutting paper, cardboard, photographic film, canvas, rubber and textiles in the upholstery industry. 

Soft Green should only be used with hand cutting knives.

Application: For use with hand cutting knives. 

Thickness: 5mm, supplied in full sheet quantities

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