Food Chopping Boards to Prevent Food Poisoning

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Injection Moulded Food Board
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There are many factors that increase susceptibility to food poisoning and salmonella poisoning; there are also many best practices involved in minimising the risk of contamination.

A few examples of best practice in food handling are detailed below:

  1. Wash raw fruit and vegetables before eating
  2. Cook all food, especially meat thoroughly before consumption
  3. Keep cooked food away from raw food
  4. Store raw food below cooked food in the refrigerator
  5. Never handle cooked food and raw food on the same surfaces or food chopping boards
  6. Keep all kitchen surfaces and equipment clean, including food boards, knives and wash cloths

Colour Coded Plastic Food Boards

Plastic food chopping boards are available in six colours, using a colour coding scheme by food type will significantly reduce the risk of cross contamination during food preparation:

Red – Raw meat

Blue – Raw fish

Yellow – Cooked meat

Green – Salad and fruit

Brown – Vegetables

White – Bakery and dairy

Partwell Group offer three different grades of plastic food cutting boards, one for all applications; including premium quality Polypads for high volume usage and EconoCuts for low volume usage kitchen environments.

There is also colour coded A4 wall chart available, a handy display tool for reminding the kitchen team which food board is for which food type. A4 wall charts are available to purchase online or you can have one for free if you request this when obtaining a quotation.

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