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Food Chopping Boards – Plastic Vs Wood

Partwell Group Polyethylene PE500 plastic


Maple wood blocks are often considered to be more aesthetically pleasing, even as the product ages.

Material Nature

It is often said that wood chopping surfaces are naturally more resistant to risky bacteria build up.

Dishwasher cleaning

Used high quality plastic food boards such as Partwell Polypads are completely dish washer safe – any harmful bacteria will be removed from the indentations left of the board from knives.

Colour coding

Using a plastic colour coded chopping boards system for different food groups (such as poultry and salads) will prevent food cross contamination.


A premium quality (high molecular weight polyethylene PE500 grade) plastic chopping block is usually more economical than a maple end grain wood block.


Plastic are available in bespoke made to measure sizes, not only can Partwell supply small standard size food boards but we can cater for full counter covering and bespoke shapes.  Wood is only available in standard block sizes.


It is important not to locate a natural wood product next to direct heat or in constant sunlight as this will damage the material.

For a quotation on plastic or maple blocks please contact our sales team on 01254 671875, option 1 or email info@partwell.com

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7th November 2013, 11:44