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Foam Composite Rule

Foam Composite Rule

Foam-Composite-Rule-After Partwell


This new rule has a unique tooth shape configuration with micro points that penetrate the surface of Foam-X® board, as you can see from the images it allows for easy parting from low loads without damaging the delicate foam structure.

As you may be aware, the old composite boards used for presentation/POS displays were produced with a Polystyrene foam core, being resilient and exhibiting some spring-back recovery.  Today, boards are manufactured from polyurethane foam which has little spring-back recovery and crushes easily under loading from the press cutting operation, hence the need for Partwell and Böhler to collaborate and develop this new type of cutting rule called Foam Composite Rule. 

Foam Composite Rule has an extra sharp cutting edge and unique tooth shape that provides unrivalled  performance results on Foam-X® board, it outperforms conventional beveled rule offering improved cosmetic finish to the cut foam composite board (see pictures below). Foam Composite Rule has been thoroughly trialled and is approved for use by manufacturers such as Alcan Composites.  

  • Edge hardened for long lasting production capabilities
  • Unique side bevel with micro-point teeth (SF/US)
  • Available from stock in 3pt 23.80mm coils

View the Foam Composite Rule Cutting Test Results by clicking the PDF link above 

 Original Foam Composite Board:


 After Cutting with Foam Composite Rule:  After Cutting with Conventional Rule:
 Foam-Composite-Rule-After-I  Conventional-Bevel-Rule-Foa
 Foam-Composite-Rule-After-O  Conventional-Bevel-Rule-Aft


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