Engineering Plastics with 3D Software

Plastic Components 3D Image

We explore how onscreen 3D software simulations can improve innovation and creative projects for bespoke plastic parts…

Engineering Plastics with 3D Software

Partwell engineers use the very latest CAD CAM software programs on engineering plastics machinery. This innovative software allows on-screen three dimensional simulations on part designs; an essential tool to ensure powerful and effective client communication, especially when working on innovative and creative projects.

Why Use Simulations?

It can aid the identification of potential problems before the plastic components are engineered, not only will this save the scrapping of any plastic components but it will also prevent wasted time, important when working on quick paced projects.

If a client can see the 3D moving model onscreen this can also help the design process of more complicated and innovative plastic components.

Partwell Group offer a bespoke engineering plastics service, it is commonplace that a plastic component is designed to client satisfaction using 3D software and then prototyped before investment in higher volume CNC engineering or injection moulding tooling is purchased.

From Idea to Reality – Design Assistance

For help on turning an idea or design into the reality of a bespoke plastic component, speak to our technical engineering office directly on 01254 295707.

Why not take a browse through the online product catalogue for a vast range of example tailor made plastic components.  Bespoke plastic parts are CNC engineered for any industry and application.


9th June 2014, 9:05