Engineered Plastic Guards from Partwell Replace OEM Products

OEM Machine Guards
Finger Guards

Partwell Group can manufacture plastic guards as an alternative to expensive OEM guards. All of which are manufactured in our North West based machine shop.

OEM guards can be expensive and have lengthy lead times. Partwell can machine to your specification, most often at a lower cost and with improved production lead times, whilst always maintaining equivalent safety.

When working closely with clients, Partwell engineers often find that there are aspects of the machine guards or guides that the client would like to improve or redesign; the CNC engineers will liaise with the client to ensure they have the optimum solution whist maintaining good hygiene, employee safety and value for money.

Partwell Group is an industrial sheet plastic stockist, with vast stocks of all grades including PC Polycarbonate, PETG, PVC, PMMA Acrylic, Perspex and many more. Ordering engineered components from a sheet plastic stock holder will minimise the production lead time.

Transparent polycarbonate machine guards offer optical clarity for the machine operator as well excellent impact strength over a wide temperature range, see photo.  PETG offers greater rigidity than Polycarbonate, but this can limit its machining capabilities.  PETG is approved for direct food contact. PVC would be most suitable for guarding when there is a requirement for high chemical resistance, as it offers excellent performance against exposure to salts, acids and alkalis.

Example applications include safety visors, food machine guarding, chemical plants, finger guards, chutes, security screens for buses and trains, welding screens amongst other examples. Partwell machine all bespoke plastic parts, guards and guides in house; they have the technology to fabricate, bend, CNC router both simple and intricate designs.

If you have an existing CAD file or drawing this can be sent to cnc@­partwell.­com or you can contact the CNC Engineering technical sales office directly on 01254 295707 and arrange for an engineer or sales representative to visit your site.

4th December 2013, 6:08