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Cutting Boards


Cutting pads play an important role in providing a perfect result every time. With all the work they put in they can show some wear, and indents are to be expected. It is perfectly normal to see lines in your cutting pad after using your die, both vertically and horizontally.

While these lines will not affect the quality of your cuts when used correctly, it is possible to wear out your cutting pads prematurely if certain guidelines are not followed. To make the most out of your cutting pads and to prolong there life as much as possible we advise to follow the below advice:



Looking for a brand-new Cutting Pad?

We not only offer a re-surfacing surface we also can supply you with brand new cutting pads or boards from our extensive sheet stock.

We stock a vast range of materials to provide you with a suitable cutting pad for every die press cutting application. Our press cutting boards are proven for their outstanding properties which include trouble free cutting, even with the most complex and tough materials.

High quality cutting pads are essential to maximise your tool life and maintaining production speeds. Standard press cutting pads / cutting board sizes are readily available from stock and bespoke sizes are also catered for, see below matrix for reference.

Is your Press cutting board surface uneven?

We offer a re-surfacing (plane) of your old boards to make them last longer which helps you keep your costs low whilst also eliminating any press cutting problems.

With 40 years of experience, we know how to plane your boards to the highest standard.

Press cutting pads up to 51” wide can be machined flat to look like a new press cutting boards, but at the fraction of the cost and prolongs board life. As well as this we can also laminate press cutting pads to a plywood base, we do this by bonding them together. This service is recommended when the cutting board becomes too thin after planing.

With our distribution service, we also cover the collection and delivery of the board (this is dependent on our team and when we are in your area.) You can request a copy of our schedule at any time, so you can arrange a collection or delivery to suit you.

To arrange a collection of your cutting boards or to inform us that you are sending your boards to us via a third party, please contact our sales office on 01254 671875 or email sales@partwell.com.

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