For cutting gasket we would recommend a hard bodies rule e.g. H75 for low volume, Extra for medium volume or Universal 75 for high volume. Please use this link to view our rule selection matrix.

We recommend Supreme coated rule for dust reduction in converting. The Supreme coating fills all the micro-fissures in the rule leaving an extremely smooth cutting bevel. For more information use this link to see Nick’s article on Reducing Dust.

For cold cutting plastics we would recommend Bohler’s ‘X’ range of rules e.g. Extra GX for low volume, Plast-X for medium volume or Plast-X Hard 800 for high volume. Please use this link to view our rule selection matrix.

For hot cutting plastics we would recommend Universal 60 for low volume, Stabilocut for medium volume Stabilocut SX for high volume. Please use this link to view our rule selection matrix.

We offer a Stainless Steel rule for Medical and Food packaging called Stainless GX. If you would like to use a more conventional rule we can recommend the rule used in the cold or hot cutting of plastics.

We offer the following Bohler rules, Extra & Plast-X which have a 700HV (59HRC) tip hardness. Bohler also offers the Tinit rule which has a coating on the rule which is 2,400HV and Plast-X Hard 800 which has a dual hardened tip of 800HV & 650HV. We can also offer Martin Miller HP+ which has a tip hardness of 800HV (64HRC).

We carry nearly 2000 lines in stock of Die making and Diecutting supplies, why not call our sales office on 01254 671 875 for more information about our stock holding.

How quickly do you want it? We have our own van which visits these areas at this schedule (LINK). We also use parcel and pallet carriers which can deliver most things the next day, please call our sales office for stock and delivery enquiries.

The profile of the cutting blade can be finished in-ground and shaved format.

The Ground edge leaves an extremely fine serrated cutting edge which is suited to the cutting of plastic-type substrates.

Whereas the Shaved profile is more suited to the conversion of solid board and corrugated board.

There are many variables that can impact the life of a cutting blade, from the machine make-ready process to the substrate being converted, don’t forget, you can easily kill a blade in one impression by over-pressuring it.

In some aspects different colours denote different hardnesses and recovery properties, however, some colours are used by diemakers to segregate dies between different cutting heights or they just prefer a certain colour to match their brand. For example, our Luna Grey and Blue Galaxy are the same rubber but we offer it in the two colours and some diemakers buy both but in different heights.