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Every Impression Counts in Die Cutting

“A common question that I (I because this will be posted by Nick) get asked, (clients sounds pretentious) is “How long should a cutting die last?”. This question often arises when a cutting tool seems not to have generated the expected volume of impressions, based on a ‘normal’ days machine output.

As you might imagine, there is no easy answer because there are so many variables to consider that can influence the wear and performance of the die.

So what sort of variables contribute to the lifespan of a Cutting Die?
• Die Quality – Stable base materials in Die Assembly, e.g. is the plywood die board flat? Is the rubber glued well?
• The right cutter for the job - Cutting steels, ejection rubbers, perforating rules chosen specifically to effectively convert the wide range of materials now commonly used.
• Correct machine and application setup – Ensuring the Make ready and machine pressure are managed well

14th October 2021