Die Making Equipment Service & Repair Packages

Steel rule processing & bending die making equipment

Partwell understand vital it is to keep your costs down and die making production running smoothly. Therefore to help our customers we are lending a helping hand and are now offering a responsive and reliable support service to all of our automatic die making equipment customers.

Serviform Rule Benders & Processors | EasyBender & IBEND Steel Benders & Processors |  Zund Plotters | Dieciesse Routers & other Router Brands | Press Cutting Machines

Partwell are the only official UK Distributors of Serviform spare parts and tooling.

With Partwell you can now rest easy in the knowledge that with one simple phone call we can organise delivery of any spare parts from any machine, as well as providing technical support. We can also plan machine servicing and repairs through our fully trained engineers.

Whatever happens you have our full support!

Partwell offer the following Service & Repair Levels:

Level 1: Annual Telephone Support Contract

Ideal for trouble shooting, advice and diagnostics

Get the help you need, when you need it quickly and easily with our established dedicated telephone support service. For a fixed price you can get an unlimited amount of telephone support for ALL of your Serviform machines, no matter how many! This is the most economical way to get an unlimited amount of support from our team and give you the peace of mind that whatever happens you are just a phone call away from getting the help you need.

Level 2: Annual Support Contract

Tailored to suit your business

  • Full service & priority Support
  • Inspection, clean and diagnostics
  • Unlimited telephone & remote desktop support
  • Discount on replacement parts
  • Back up of software files & safe storage by Partwell

As a level 2 support contract holder you can take advantage of our priority support, service and inspection solutions and also save money on replacement parts. We help you prevent potential problems whilst also supporting you and reduce your costs if or when problems occur. We know that one solution does not suit all businesses, therefore, this service is tailor made to suit your needs.

Level 3: Service & Repair on Demand

Ideal for a service or repair if you do not wish to commit to an annual service contact.

We operate an hourly travel and labour charge with no mileage charges.

Call our service manager - Jane McConnell on 01254 295705 or email jane@­partwell.­com to organise a service contract costing and start getting the support you need today!

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18th January 2012, 16:18