Die Making Bottlenecks - New Technology to Alleviate

Steel rule processing & bending die making equipment

Take a look at the article featured on Partwell Group in this month’s publication of Folding Carton magazine January/­February 2014 ….

New Technology to Alleviate Die Making Bottlenecks

Pressure on die makers to deliver finished cutting dies to short lead times has never been greater; Partwell Group have observed  how the development of automated die making equipment is making a real impact on demand bottlenecks.

Die making is a combination of different processes, CAD room, die boards, steel rule processing and rubbering.  UK based Partwell Group can help die makers speed up their processes, whether it is automating a manual production process or upgrading current automatic machines.

Die Making Machinery

Partwell Group represent the major manufacturers of die making machinery from around the globe. This year has seen the launch and sales development of many new models. The Serviform Ecologica is a fully automatic steel rule bending and processing machine; it uses modern and extremely easy to use software, and an interchangeable bending head system for a very quick change over – no more bulky bending head trolleys. The Ecologica is a third of the size of old bending machines, it uses an identical transport system to the Serviform Unica 350 EVO, but as the Ecologica is much smaller the rule travels and processes much faster.

Interest has been high in the new Alcor range of cutters and routers, manufactured by Diciesse Engineering, Italy. The Alcor Pertinax is a designated counter cutter for the CAD room department and the Alcor All Rounder is the ultimate all in one router for die boards, steel counter plates, stripping dies, 3D embossing and much more.

Further information can be found at www.­partwell.­com.

Partwell Group are the ultimate One Stop Shop for die-making and die cutting supplies, everything from equipment and tooling, steel rules, ejection rubbers, creasing matric and make ready supplies.

24th January 2014, 11:07