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Die Makers Steel Rules

Die Cutting Forme Partwell

Partwell are exceptionally proud to be the exclusive UK agent for both Bohler and Martin Miller die making steel rules, for flat bed, rotary and shelf ready packaging applications.

All brands of cutting and creasing rules are of the highest quality as we strive to provide our clients with the high-end, quality products.

Flat Bed Steel Rule Rotary Steel Rule
Creasing Rule Speedi~Tear SRP
Perforating & Cut-Crease Other Special Rules
Photography of Foam Composite Rule

Foam Composite Rule

New steel rule for excellent performance when cutting Foam-X® (foam composite board)
Photography of Böhler Top Cutting Rule

Böhler Top Cutting Rule

Through hardened, uniform body & 45HRC edge hardness
Photography of Böhler H75 Cutting Rule

Böhler H75 Cutting Rule

Through hardened, very hard, 51HRC hardness, can be bent to 90°
Photography of Viking 'Corro-Cut' MM44 Cutting Rule

Viking 'Corro-Cut' MM44 Cutting Rule

Through hardened, a general purpose through hardened cutting rule, 44HRC Hardness
Photography of Viking MM47 Cutting Rule

Viking MM47 Cutting Rule

Through hardened, body/edge hardness of 45HRC
Photography of Böhler Universal Cutting Rule

Böhler Universal Cutting Rule

Edge hardened, excellent bendability; decar­bu­rised, ductile body hardness of 34HRC
Photography of Böhler Universal 60 Cutting Rule

Böhler Universal 60 Cutting Rule

Edge hardened, body hardness of Top rule (45HRC) & induction hardened cutting edge of 57HRC
Photography of Böhler Universal 75 Cutting Rule

Böhler Universal 75 Cutting Rule

Edge hardened, specialist cutting rule, a body hardness 51HRC & extra hard edge 58HRC
Photography of Viking 'Plasma' 34HP Cutting Rule

Viking 'Plasma' 34HP Cutting Rule

Edge hardened, cutting edge hardness of 61HRC
Photography of Viking 'Plasma' 40HP Cutting Rule

Viking 'Plasma' 40HP Cutting Rule

Edge hardened, very hard cutting edge of 61HRC and hard body of 40HRC
Photography of Martin Miller 40HF Cutting Rule

Martin Miller 40HF Cutting Rule

Edge hardened, 40HRC body & a long lasting 51HRC cutting edge
Photography of Böhler HT Creasing Rule

Böhler HT Creasing Rule

HT (Hardened and Tempered) has a hardness of 41HRC
Photography of Speedi~Tear Steel Rule

Speedi~Tear Steel Rule

The highest standards in cosmetic perforating appearance, the perfect SRP/RRP solution. Sometimes called Speedy Tear.
Photography of Böhler TiNit Coated Rules

Böhler TiNit Coated Rules

Coated rules - the latest development for dust reduction & increased tool life
Photography of Martin Miller MicroTop - New

Martin Miller MicroTop - New

Launched at Drupa 2008; combines Viking HP with higher bevel strength
Photography of Bohler X-PRESS Cutting Rule

Bohler X-PRESS Cutting Rule

New & innovative self-leveling flat bed cutting rule
Photography of Bohler Label-X Cutting Rule

Bohler Label-X Cutting Rule

New Bohler Label-X Cutting Rule – The Perfect Steel Rule for Labels
Photography of Bohler X-Tra Cutting Rule

Bohler X-Tra Cutting Rule

New from Bohler, the ideal cutting rule for rigid substrates
Photography of Bohler Plast-X Cutting Rule

Bohler Plast-X Cutting Rule

New Bohler cutting rule for plastic applications
Photography of Steel Rule Fast Track Perf Rule

Steel Rule Fast Track Perf Rule

Perforatin rule available in a large range of sizes
Photography of Speedi~Break Steel Rule

Speedi~Break Steel Rule

Developed to offer a cost effective, but high quality solution to multi out box production.
Photography of Speedi~Nick Steel Rule

Speedi~Nick Steel Rule

Developed to assist box producers around the world
Photography of Speedi~Tags Steel Rule

Speedi~Tags Steel Rule

Offers two exclusive industry first's in one rule for problematic Multi Out Designs
Photography of Speedi~Micro Steel Rule

Speedi~Micro Steel Rule

An elite range of progressive strength and conventional Micro-Perf
Photography of Speedi~Strip Steel Rule

Speedi~Strip Steel Rule

Developed predomi­nantly for flatbed application after many leading corrugated box producers asked us to improve the cosmetic appearance of existing box specifi­cations.