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Cutting Pad - Polyp­ro­pylene PW90

Cutting Pad - Polypropylene PW90

Plastic Sheet Natural Partwell


PW90 polypropylene cutting pad material is an extruded homopolymer polypropylene grade, ideal for use on roller press cutting machines.  The hardness of PW90 combined with elasticity and flatness enables the board to outlast most other industrial plastics without harming cutting tools, and economical when doing short production runs.

PW90 polypropylene press cutting board material is food hygienic. 

Uses: PW90 is suitable artificial leather, leather cloth, cellular leather cloth, rubber, foam rubber, textiles, fabrics, synthetics, plastics, foils, felts, carpets, paper, cardboard, hardboard, asbestos, fibreboard and various other materials.

Thicknesses: 6mm, 9mm, 10mm & 12mm

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