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Cutting Pad - Nylon

Cutting Pad - Nylon

Nylon Cutting Board


Our nylon cutting pad is the hardest cutting board surface used in press cutting applications with a shore hardness of 85. 

Nylon press cutting boards have been specially developed for complex cutting work.  Its high degree of hardness combined with an extensive abrasion and impact resistance guarantee an accurate and clean cutting of even most delicate materials, combined with an unexcelled service life of the boards.

Uses: Nylon press cutting boards are used for complex cutting work such as suits, dresses, shirts, linings, backings, inserts, shirt collars, cuffs, brassieres, hosiery, ties, knitwear, raincoats, umbrellas, canvas, seat covers, folding beds, rug sections, tents, gaskets, upholstered furniture, car interiors, flooring and car upholstery.

Shore Hardness: 85

Cast Nylon’s thickness tolerance is +10% minimum. Cast Nylon can be planed down to a specific thickness if required, but any planed down material would incur a machining charge. Planed material would result in the edges of the sheet being scraped due to planer machine damage.

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