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Cutting Pad - Natural HY78

Cutting Pad - Natural HY78

Press Cutting Pads

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An exclusive product to Partwell, our natural HY78 / JNG press cutting board is a natural highly proven press cutting board for universal use, made of high-crystalline polypropylene, which provides high tenacity and abrasion strength; it has an optimum degree of hardness and is absolutely resistant to breaking.

HY78 natural cutting pads are manufactured from an isomeric, transparent homopolymer without any fillers in a special process ensuring an entirely homogeneous and stain-free product, designed for use in various trades. 

High impact strength, no chipping or crumbling ensure perfect and clean cutting work and long service life of the cutting boards.  Wear of cutting tools is reduced to a minimum.  The high plane parallelism and absolute dimensional stability permit alternate cutting onto either side for easy cement bonding. 

Use: Suitable for cutting leather, artificial leather, leather cloth, cellular leather cloth, imitation leather, rubber, foam rubber, textiles, fabrics, synthetics, plastics, foils, felt, carpets, paper, cardboard, hardboard, asbestos, fibreboard and various other materials.

Application: For use with all types of press cutting machines, including swing arms, beam cutting etc, with all conventional types of tools, knives, dies etc. 

Board Sizes: 900mm x 450mm stocked as standard

Other sizes cut to customer requirements, complete the contact form below for a quotation.

Thicknesses: 10mm, 25mm & 50mm

Shore Hardness: D, 75 - 78

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