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Cutlite Penta OFRL Compact Die Board Laser Machine

Cutlite Penta OFRL Compact Die Board Laser Machine


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The OFRL Companct is suitable for rotary dies.

The CO2 laser sources produced by El.En., offer a high quality laser beam. The results are extraordinary:

  • Sharp cuts
  • Well-defined contours
  • Maximum precision.

All the contours, even the most complex ones can be traced from this powerful die-cutting machine. Like all the machines in the Die Boards series, the OFRL Compact also includes the possibility of mounting a scanning head for the marking of explanatory writings and symbols.

The OFRL Compact eradicates the need for a punching machine, it provides the ability to do so in a matter of seconds.

The OFRL Compact rotary laser cutting system solves all the needs related to the processing of bent elements for the paper converting industry and thanks to its compact structure it can be installed in environments where space is limited.

It can cut curved elements up to 3000 mm in length, with a diameter ranging from 177 mm to 760 mm, using laser sources with power starting from 1000W up to 3000W.

By increasing the power of the laser source, it increases the cutting speed (continuous and / or pulsed cutting) and consequently also the production capacity of the machine itself. The OFRL Compact model is equipped with:

  • An axial cutting head equipped with a sensor that guarantees focus of the cutting head on the material being processed; compensating for any differences in the thickness of the material
  • A CNC Numerical Control for generation of DXF files and / or other vector file formats.


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