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Crosland Cutters: Increasing Production and Reducing Waste


At the beginning of the year, we paid a visit to Crosland Cutters to chat with Simon Gilley about his decision to purchase a Serviform ECO Plus Machine.

The reasons he gave for making this purchasing decision, reflected why Partwell promote Serviform machine as some of the best on the market.

  • The ageing Easybender machines were creating costs
    • Accuracy of the machines had significantly decreased
    • Diemakers were having to hand finish rule
  •  They had a significant need to improve turnaround times and efficiency
  • Waste reduction

At the time, Simon admitted that he was already in the market for purchasing a new machine and was having conversations with both Partwell regarding the Serviform machines and Easybender. He chose to work alongside Partwell due to the open lines of communication, back up and support he would receive if he experienced any downtime.

Crosland Cutters have been extremely happy with the performance of the machine, so much so, that Simon made the decision earlier this year to purchase a second machine, the Servform Eco Giant.

Making the Investment

Having spoken with Simon on Tuesday 3rd October, he was happy to give an insight as to why he decided to commit to a second machine.

Reduction in running costs

The purchase of a second Serviform machine has reduced costs for the company as they are no longer running four machines. Prior to purchasing any Serviform Machine, Crosland Cutters were running a total of four Easybender Machines. Now they are running one alongside the two Serviform Machines that they have invested in.


Although Simon wasn’t able to put a number on it, he has said production has increased. The Serviform Eco Giant has provided the ability to take on new jobs as it has now become more efficient to process rule. The Die Makers are no longer hand bending rule and they are able to produce Dies with 60mm rule.

Reduction in Waste

The purchase of the second machine has seen a further reduction in waste. At the time of purchasing the Eco Plus earlier in the year, Crosland saw a reduction from 30% to 5% wastage. With the second machine, he has seen a further reduction of waste. It hasn’t been eradicated completely (enter Serviform Machine number 3).

The ideal solution

Crosland Cutters have experience of using different machines, both Easybenders and Serviform. So why did Simon choose to invest in a second Serviform Machine. He advised that it was simple, it comes down to the ‘Evolution of the Machine’.

The experience he had with purchasing his first Serviform Machine, made investment in a second, a sensible decision. He would receive a continued level of support from Partwell and he had already tasted the proof of the pudding with the first investment.

Maybe at sometime in the future, Crosland Cutters will be running on three Serviform Machines, increasing production once again.

For further information on the range of Serviform Machines available through Partwell, please contact Jane McConnell via the following.

E: jane@partwell.com

T: 01254 295705

11th October 2017, 14:53