Conveyor Wear Bends Reverse Engineered

Conveyor Wea Bend

The end user client operates a conveyor machine that produces confectionary products. They had a requirement for replacement wear bends.

Customer Problem

The original manufacturer wear bends are a brass and polyethylene material which the client was struggling to work with; the brass wore down very quickly, broke often and was very expensive to replace with lengthy lead times.

Reverse Engineering & Prototyping

Partwell Group engineers took the brass and polyethylene OEM components and reverse engineered them into a prototype, then with customer approval CNC machined on a larger scale using the 5 axis router.

Working very closely with the client, the engineering department did a comprehensive review of the customer application to establish the most appropriate material choice for the reverse engineered Partwell version of the component.

The base of the component on the attached has been machined by Partwell from polyethylene PE500 grade, this original material was brass.

The material on the wear bend was machined in Acetal, the original material was polyethylene PE1000 grade. Acetal offers much better performance on polypropylene belts, hence the changeover.

Both grades of plastic that Partwell machined (Polyethylene and Acetal) were fully FDA approved for contact with the confectionary product on customer site.

Less Confectionary Waste

The largest success aspect of this project was that the final product was re-designed slightly to remove any gaps between the two assembled components; the objective was to reduce the amount of waste confectionary.

Less Production Down

Due to longevity of the new polyethylene and acetal constructed components, the conveyor wear parts are now replaced less often, reducing machine downtime.

Short Machining Lead Times

The customer has confidence in our ability to solve problems and deliver to very short lead times. Further orders for these items have been placed, delivery has even been next day as we have the plastic sheet material in stock and the components are fully CAD drawn.

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11th February 2014, 11:30