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A vital, bespoke conveyor part expertly machined by Partwell engineers has restored machinery to full, optimal function at a confectionery company. Here is how it happened, from start to finish.

Choosing Partwell

Like us, our customer is based in beautiful Lancashire, an area rich with industrial heritage. After an initial enquiry was made over the telephone, two of our skilled engineers were able to make an immediate site visit on the very same day. A detailed analysis of the company’s unique requirements was carried out and a solution proposed.

The Product

The customer’s conveyor system requires a wear pad of particular dimensions, offering an important mechanism to prevent wear & tear to the delicate yet powerful machinery. Fabricated from oil-filled nylon, a material that has exceptional self-lubricating qualities, the conveyor part offers a high tolerance to heat and is an essential feature of the conveyor system’s moving components.

The Process

Armed with the results of our engineers’ analysis along with a worn wear pad as a guide, our team employed their impressive CNC engineering skills to create a drawing. We then utilised our state-of-the-art CNC router, which features five separate axes of movement (click here to see our recent article on CNC Engineering) to manufacture the bespoke conveyor part. The process happened quickly and smoothly, providing the fast turn-around required by the customer to reduce production downtime while the original, worn component was unavailable.

The Future

Partwell pride ourselves on the close working relationships we form with our expansive network of customers and business contacts. We will offer continued support to the company as we facilitate their work in the food processing industry with our dedicated after-sales service. With the customer’s unique

Creating bespoke conveyor parts for a wide variety of industries is a speciality of Partwell and our CNC, plastic engineering and water jet cutting techniques are unrivalled. Put simply, we can revolutionise the way you look at, think about and efficiently operate your conveyor and its essential plastic parts - call us now to find out more about what consistently makes Partwell the choice of professionals.

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12th March 2015, 13:06