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Conveyors are used across industry to facilitate the efficient movement of raw materials, goods and equipment from one area to another. The market for conveyor equipment and parts is always strong and looks set to increase further in strength over the coming years according to figures recently published by Market Research Reports Inc.

Experienced analysts at Market Research Reports Inc. have forecast that the global market for conveyor equipment will grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 1.78% throughout the 2015-2019 period. Detailed analyses took into account the respective revenues from conveyor sales, support and service to help pinpoint this figure, which is said to be being driven by an increased need for cost-effectiveness throughout global industry.

Partwell have, since 1979, been producing precision plastic parts and components of professional quality. Conveyor change parts are one of our specialities and we offer a full complement of tracks, plastic rods, wear bends, finger guards, star wheels, guide rails and more. Our plastic conveyor parts benefit from 5-axis CNC engineering which, utilising state-of-the-art tool stations and auto-changing heads, allows us to produce 3D and 2D components with astonishing accuracy.

Manufacturing times are greatly reduced using our modern equipment, which boasts machine speeds of up to a massive 75m per minute: Partwell’s machining capabilities, which include a lathe-turning machine and water jet cutting technology, are second-to-none. We also offer plastic conveyor change parts, such as the ubiquitous star wheels, fabricated from tough, durable Acetal, an engineering plastic with exception dimensional stability and a rainbow palette of colour options to suit any application.

As the scope of and demand for professional conveyor equipment both continue to grow, Partwell will increase our dedication to providing modern, bespoke solutions. Our range of conveyor plastic change parts, already extensive, will continue to increase in size and our custom options grow even further in number. Partwell - the cutting-edge of flexible thinking.

18th February 2015, 4:55