Conveyor Change Parts Reduce Investment


Conveyor Production Plant Customer

A conveyor materials handling client contact Partwell as they needed to incorporate a new end user product range into their manufacturing site. Their current technology did not allow the materials handling of this new product range. The customer had two options, purchase new manufacturing equipment at significant investment cost or try to adapt current machines in an innovative way.

Product Development & Prototyping

Several representatives of the Partwell Group engineering office visited the client’s site, they worked very closely with the onsite project manager and production manager in assisting with the design of modified wearing parts for their conveyor system.

The conveyor change part was designed, 3D software simulated for further development and prototyped in a matter of days.  The prototype was approved and we quoted for a small batch production run, this was CNC machined on the 5-axis router in our Lancashire machine shop.

The machined plastic parts were produced from polyethylene regen black 1000 grade material, this offers excellent wear properties for conveyor applications.

Saved Financial Expenditure on New Equipment

As you can see on the featured images, the machined component has a wedge shaped profile, this is to guide a flat conveyor belt into a troughed form on an existing flat machine framework. This bespoke application saved time and further financial expenditure in terms of adapting the client’s current machines for a new product range.

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Images show the machined part led on the CNC machine bed at our Blackburn machine shop.

27th May 2014, 15:40