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Not Got a CAD Drawing?

Original Equipment Manufacture Discontinued Required Components?

This is not a problem. Partwell Group can replicate your damaged or worn conveyor change parts. This can be done by reverse engineering your damaged plastic part and duplicating it, all done in house. This is essential for conveyor plants when the replacement conveyor machine components are no longer available from the OEM.

Plastic components on conveyor and material handling systems are used to guide and feed items through the machines. Example plastic parts include wear strips, wear bends, machine guides and guards, machine sprockets and gears.

Why Manufacture Change Parts from Polyethylene Plastic?

Change parts on conveyor systems are often machined from polyethylene as it offers high wear resistance and impact strength, maintaining a low co-efficient of friction and low noise.

Machining these components from plastic means they can be colour coded to suit customer specific production requirements.

Partwell Group have been machining plastics for the conveyor industry since 1979, we have a range of technology and a team of engineers dedicated to providing clients with a reliable and trust worthy service.

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