Conveyor Change Parts for Bottling Plants

Partwell Group CNC Engineered Plastic Parts
Bottling Plant CNC Engineered plastic polyethylene part
PE500 CNC engineered plastic component

Partwell Group regularly CNC engineer bespoke plastic components for clients that design and build industrial conveyor and mechanical handling systems.

Industry Knowledge & Design Assistance

Partwell can replicate damaged or worn conveyor change parts, and machine new components from customer drawings.  Partwell engineers even visit end user sites with our clients to assist with problem solving and the design process.

Plastic Grades – Technical Knowledge

The images above are example bespoke change parts that have been machined for the bottling plant industry from natural HMW PE (High molecular weight PE500 grade) polyethylene material.

HMWPE plastic sheet is often used to CNC router parts for moving conveyor bottling lines as it offers a high wear resistance and impact strength, low co-efficient of friction and reduced vibration and noise.

As plastic components offer minimal vibration, they are commonly replacing parts previously supplied as metal components that touch the chain; this offers improved chain protection and minimises wear and damage to the expensive chain.  HMWPE is also fully approved for direct contact with foodstuffs.

PE500 is available in a range of colours (red, green, blue, yellow, black, brown) which means change parts can be colour coded to suit specific production items, areas or departments.

Conveyor change parts can be produced from different grades of plastic material such as Acetal, nylon or UHMW PE 1000 grade (ultra high molecular weight polyethylene). Depending on the industry, application, essential features and budget the Partwell technical team will recommend the most beneficial material to suit.


Partwell also engineer plastic for mechanical handling lines other than bottling such as canning, food filling, food labelling, food mixing and cleaning lines.

Speak to an Engineer Directly

The CNC technical sales office can be contacted directly on 01254 295705 or email your drawings (.dxf, or .dwg files) to for an immediate response.

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