Commercial Kitchens Cross Contamination of Food Risk

Chopping Boards Polypads Partwell
PE500 grade polyethylene HMWPE

The risk of cross contamination is faced by all domestic kitchens. Partwell Group supply a six colour range of plastic food boards to prevent cross contamination.

Using a different colour polyethylene chopping board for the following food groups will prevent the crossover of harmful bacteria and microorganisms.

  • Raw meat
  • Raw fish
  • Cooked meat
  • Salad and fruit
  • Vegetables
  • Bakery and dairy

Partwell Group are a plastic sheet stockist, not only can we supply several grades of polyethylene food boards for all applications (ultra high molecular weight, high density and low density) but we can also supply bespoke cut to size chopping boards, a service valued by large commercial environments.

We also supply a wall mountable wall chart for colour coding identification purposes. For a free of charge wall chart please email info@­partwell.­com.

As a hygienic plastic specialist we also supply the catering industry with PVC wall cladding, butchers blocks, knife holders & display stands.

8th November 2013, 13:31