Colour coded chopping boards

Chopping Boards Polypads Partwell
PE500 grade polyethylene HMWPE

Partwell offer a complete range of food chopping boards to meet your needs including those which are colour coded. These are perfect for any kitchen environment demanding high frequency usage.


These are part of our premium quality range. They are pressed and high molecular weight Polyethylene food chopping boards which come available in six different colours.

The boards come in a range of different sizes and thicknesses. If needed, upon request, the boards can be customised or made to a bespoke size.


Polycut food chopping boards are manufactured from High Density polyethylene for a smooth surface finish. They provide a durable and reliable food chopping surface, ideal for medium to high usage.


EconoCut food chopping boards are manufactured from polyethylene and are injection moulded to produce an economical cutting board for low to medium frequency applications. EconoCut is made with a textured surface which provides an enhanced non-slip surface. Econocut chopping boards are so economical they can be used, disposed of and replaced regularly.

Anti microbial  

The ultimate hygiene surface for use in any food preparation area. Based upon tried and tested high molecular weight polyethylene 500 pressed material (HMWPE) plus they have the added benefit of an antibacterial ingredient Microban®. Microban® is a safe, durable and effective antibacterial agent built into out Microboards® to inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria including salmonella, E-Coli, camplyobacter, strepococcus and listeria.

Why not check out a full selection of all the colour coded chopping boards we supply at http://­www.­partwell.­com/­chopping-boards-colour-coded.

23rd August 2013, 11:25