CNC Machining of Acetal Platen Carriers

CNC Machining Platen Carriers

CNC Machining of Acetal Platen Carriers - Plastic versus Steel Case Study

The platen carriers locate on the underside of metal trays carrying products in the clients production unit. The original component was manufactured from steel, but this regularly damaged the trays whenever there was a problem on the production line.

The platen carriers where redesigned slightly before CNC engineering from Acetal plastic.  The plastic parts are now a sacrificial production system component, which means they are designed to intentionally fail first under excess stress to protect the more expensive metal trays from damage.

Why Choose Acetal?

Partwell engineers recommended that the plastic parts were CNC machined from Acetal for many reasons.  Although the new platen carriers have been designed to be a sacrificial component, Acetal still provides a good level of stability and resistance to damage when under cyclical loading.

The redesign of the component provided significant cost saving over a short period of time, not only do the platen carriers need replacing less often but the expensive metal trays are also damaged less often.

Due to the lower cost of the Acetal version of the bespoke plastic parts, the client now holds a greater stock of spares to prevent any machine downtime.

CNC Engineering

Partwell Group provide a CNC engineering service of bespoke plastic parts and being an industrial plastic stockist, our CNC engineering lead times are kept to a minimum. We understand the necessity of this when you need a component fast, most especially when your machine is down.

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23rd May 2014, 9:30