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Machined Acetal Pusher Rollers

The customer had a food processing machine for a range of cakes with several of these plastic puller rollers fitted to it, all of these spare part required replacing as they had excessive wear causing machine down time.

Why CNC Machine Acetal?

The material used for the previous pusher rollers was a weaker grade of material which was prone to easy wear when in use. Partwell engineers suggested the CNC machining of Acetal to produce the replacement parts; this would dramatically increase the lifespan of the pusher rollers.

Most food processing plant managers will understand that increasing the durability of wearing parts provides operational benefits to the production plant. The replacement acetal plastic parts reduced machine downtime, although the acetal is a more expensive material to purchase, the acetal rollers outlast the more economical material by at least five times.

Acetal is also more aesthetically pleasing, although this is an incidental feature and not one that was important to the client.

CNC Machining Capability

Partwell Group have been CNC machining bespoke plastic parts for 35 years. These acetal pusher rollers have been produced on the lathe machine; the machine shop also boasts a 5axis CNC router and a water jet cutting machine. Maintaining a spectrum of machining capabilities ensures that Partwell have the ability to match the most cost effective engineering techniques with the desired finished product.

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23rd September 2014, 16:14