CNC Machined Plastics - Food Factory Grating


CNC machined plastics often replace steel products in the food conveyor industry as it is completely food safe.

The images above show a damaged steel grate from a food processing conveyor line factory floor; a prospective client approached the Partwell Group CNC machined plastics department to establish if the metal grating could be replaced with a plastic machined part.  This was certainly possible and the metal was replaced with red polyethylene machined plastics.

Why Replace Stainless Steel with Plastic?

  • Excellent visibility - the bright red polyethylene material is more visible to factory workers than the steel counterpart.  It can also be supplied in a range of other colours.
  • Polyethylene HMW PE is a wear resisting material – the steel grating had very fine grates and was very easily damaged, high molecular weight polyethylene is a naturally wear resisting material and will last longer than the steel material.
  • Commercial viability- the machined plastics were more economical than purchasing the replacement stainless steel part. The client replaced the grating throughout the food conveyor factory.
  • Turnaround time - The client was quoted an eight week lead time for the steel product, Partwell quoted, produced the CAD drawing and machined and finished the customer order within a week.

How Was This Made?

The Partwell Group have a range of engineering machines for converting plastic sheet material into two and three dimensional components. The grating was machined on the 5 axis CNC router machine.

The large bed size of the 5 axis CNC router machine (3500mm x 1500mm) allowed 3 metre long grates to be produced.

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