CNC Machined PETP Plastic Parts replace OEM Parts


We have a client that purchases industrial plastic sheet from Partwell, they needed to replace a plastic component on their food processing (cake filling) machine. The original equipment manufacturer part had a large minimum order quantity although the client only wanted to purchase a small number of these parts.

Partwell Group CNC engineer small volume production runs of machined plastic parts, machined according to customer specifications.  This can be direct from a CAD drawing or a sample plastic part which our engineers can reverse engineer.

Why Locally CNC Engineer Plastic Parts?

Not only can Partwell produce bespoke plastic parts in smaller volumes, but they are usually more economical too as most OEM parts are imported.

Improvements to Production

When components are locally machined to specification, this also gives the client flexibility in changing the design of a part to allow productivity improvements. In the example polyethylene PE500 grade plastic part shown in the featured image, the client requested a deviation from the OEM part by increasing the size of the slots to speed up the flow of food product.

Why CNC Machine PETP?

The most important factor for choosing PETP is that this grade of plastic sheet is fully FDA approved for contact with food stuffs, obviously essential in a cake filling application.

PETP is also suitable for continuous loading usage, therefore ideal for the continuous application of jam filling in our client’s food processing machine.

Contact Us

Please feel free to send us a sample machined plastic part for reverse engineering or email your CAD drawing to

Alternatively you can speak to an engineer directly on 01254 295707.

16th April 2014, 14:13