CNC Machine Tufnol to Highest Tolerances


Customer Application

Partwell Group CNC engineered the machine guides in the featured images for an escalator application; they were OEM (original equipment manufacturer) replacement guides.

Highest Machining Tolerances

At the customer request the finished CNC machined component has to be this Tufnol resin based material, Partwell are experienced in machining and finishing Tufnol sheeting with the right feeds and speeds, together with special tooling ensures the components are manufactured to the highest tolerances possible.

The CNC machined component was exceptionally strong, with high mechanical strength, the material choice also ensured the client had good electrical insulation and exceptionally good fire properties.

Partwell Engineers can Work with Free Issue Material

Partwell Group are an industrial sheet plastic stockist, we can machine from our wide range of sheet plastic stock or work with customer free issue material.

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28th February 2014, 9:42