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Small Volumes Production Specialists

Partwell Group are a CNC machining specialists, there are two main areas of our Lancashire based engineering workshop – CNC 5-Axis Cutting/­Engineering Service and Water Jet Cutting Service.

Both of which are bespoke services for finished and semi-finished components machined from a range of materials.

Fast Water Jet Cutting Machine = Economical Small Batch Production

Many aspects of the water jet machining process mean we can cater for one-offs and small volume production runs.

The water jet machine is exceptionally quick to set up and run, therefore we are always happy to cater for smaller size production runs and this is an economically viable option for the customer.

CNC Engineering Router – Bespoke Plastic Parts

Affordable Low Volume Production and One-Offs.

We focus on being able to provide clients with a quick turnaround time. Yes higher volume production will offer a lower price per machined plastic part, but we specialise in offering clients a competitively priced small volume option.

We are seeing a growing trend in the number of reverse engineering jobs of OEM parts, typically OEM parts have a high minimum order quantity and lengthy lead time. Our bespoke plastic engineering service is often a more financially-friendly and faster option.

Contact Us

For a quotation on bespoke CNC engineering or water jet cutting please contact the engineering department directly:

Email CAD drawings to cnc@­partwell.­com

Speak directly with an engineer on 01254 295707

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