CNC Engineering Plastic Prototypes – Why?

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CNC Engineering Plastic Prototypes – Why?

Explore the CNC machining of fully functional prototypes before investment in injection moulding tooling…

Real Parts – Fully Functional – Real Fast

The CNC engineering of prototyped plastic parts is real; with a range of CNC router machines Partwell can machine bespoke functional plastic parts for prototypes and one-off projects quickly.  The CNC engineering of one-offs or small quantities can be essential before committing to injection moulding tooling or high volume CNC machining.

Technology for Speed

Having 5-axis technology makes the high precision cutting of even intricate plastic parts easy; the spindle speed and fast automatically changing cutting head unleashes the ability to CNC engineer fully functional prototypes quickly.

Additive rapid prototyping processes are ideal in many circumstances, but there are limitations when it comes to material choices, size and surface finishes, there is always a stair stepping inherent in the additive process.

Material Choices

A vast range of plastic grades can be CNC engineered in small volumes – polyethylene, nylon, acetal, PEEK, PTFE etc. Quite often the CNC engineering of polyethylene produces a cost effective prototyped product for customer testing and approval, then more expensive plastic grades are machined for the full batch production run.

Partwell are an industrial sheet plastic stockist of all plastic grades, which also minimises lead times.

Experts in Plastics

Partwell have been cutting and engineering plastics for over 30 years, the CNC sales office is run by engineers to ensure clients receive suitable plastic engineering expertise, design to concept confidence.

It is easy to order custom designed plastic parts to meet your small volume or one-off machining needs. Contact the CNC engineering department directly via:

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